The Little Choo-Choo That Thinks She Can

Introduce your children to the joyful experience of live theatre and the creativity of play with Indiana Repertory Theatre‘s Exploring Stages production for ages 3-8! Written by IRT‘s Playwright-in-Residence James Still, The Little Choo-Choo That Thinks She Can celebrates the power of play and the magic of make-believe.  It runs October 9 thru 27.

About the show

A beloved story comes to life in front of your eyes as a young brother and sister, with nothing but their toy box and their own imaginations, invent a train full of friends and a big, big hill to get over. Making up the story as they go along, the two create a cast of colorful characters who try and try again until they have reached the other side of the hill.

APPROXIMATE RUN TIME: 75 minutes, including pre- and post-show activities

The Little Choo-Choo That Thinks She Can is an imaginative story that is appropriate for all ages, and recommended for grades PK-3.

Artistic Note

The Little Choo-Choo That Thinks She Can is the perfect introduction to the theatre for children. Parents and guardians will delight in the way this play is designed to celebrate and encourage imaginative, creative play. In a time when tablets and phones are increasingly introduced to kids at a young age, The Little Choo-Choo shows us what we can create with our imaginations is just as awesome as any video game or movie.” –Benjamin Hanna, Associate Artistic Director and Director of The Little Choo-Choo That Thinks She Can

Tickets and information

Please call the IRT Ticket Office at 317.635.5252 to buy tickets for The Little Choo-Choo That Thinks She Can.

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