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Exploring, amplifying and promoting the arts in Indianapolis.

We intend to be a cheerleader for art organizations here in the the Greater Indianapolis Area.

We think more tickets can be sold by getting information out early and increasing the buzz about upcoming events.  Challenging those who only attend a few events a year to get out more and try new events and new organizations.  Our unique approach centers around quick, entertaining and informative video segments, feature stories and event postings.

It will be our focus to leave critical review to other websites and publications.

Check our facts.  Review our dates and prices.We want to be out in front of all events at your venue and to be as accurate as possible on our calendars – and, we invite you to contribute.

Please use our CONTACT US form for submissions and corrections.


Arts Channel Indy is dedicated to publicizing, promoting and amplifying the performing and creative arts in Central Indiana. We welcome your input for story ideas and features.

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