Stuart Little

Everyone’s favorite mouse, Stuart Little, comes to the Indiana Repertory Theatre (IRT) in a lively stage event from February 25 through March 26. Staged in the IRT Cabaret, E.B White’s Stuart Little shares the story of a tiny hero and his happy life with his human family and his friend Margalo the bird.

As part of the Exploring Stages Program, Stuart Little welcomes very young children to experience traditional theatre in a non-traditional space, and to connect with and be a part of live theatre.

Through a partnership with United Way of Central Indiana (UWCI) and Child Care Answers (CCA), 56 supported preschools will enjoy a visit from a professional IRT artist to discuss elements of the production prior to arriving at the theatre. Additionally, UWCI, CCA and the IRT have created preschool certified curriculum that enhances teacher readiness in the classroom, including creative dramatics, early literacy and dialogic reading.

“The learning benefits of Exploring Stages go well beyond the walls of the theatre. Through our pre- and post-show activities and outreach programs, we’re asking our youngest audiences to think about story, character and empathy all while exposing them to a potentially new art form,” said Randy D. Pease, Director of Education. “It’s very exciting for all of the kids and adults involved.”

In 2016, 2,100 students attended the Exploring Stages production through this partnership. That number is expected to grow in 2017.

“We are very proud to create an environment that promotes childhood literacy,” said Janet Allen, Executive Artistic Director. “This programming is meaningful to all our partners, but especially our patrons who have young children and grandchildren.”


E.B White once wrote that he came up with Stuart Little while dreaming in a railway sleeping car about a tiny boy who acted rather like a mouse. And, rather like a young boy, this mouse works his way through the world with a heart for adventure and companionship. Coming to life on stage, this classic children’s story brims with invention and imagination, and will encourage young audiences to problem solve beside our small hero to see the world with new eyes. Stuart teaches young and old that there is something to explore around every corner and that the possibility for friendship and family stretches over us all, whether feathered or furred, small or large, human or mouse.


What: Stuart Little
When: February 25 – March 26
Where: IRT’s Cabaret Theatre, 140 W. Washington Street
Run Time: 75 minutes, no intermission
Age: Recommended for grades PreK – 3
Themes:  Friendship, adventure, differences in appearance and ability, adolescence, problem-solving and generosity
Pre- and Post-Show Experience: Immediately before and following each performance, students will join IRT teaching artists and Stuart Little cast members in various interactive learning activities designed to enhance their understanding of the play and create a wrap-around learning experience through live theatre. These activities are free with ticket purchase and last about 5 minutes at the start of the show, and 10 to 15 minutes following.
Tickets: Floor seating $8, Adults $15, All chair seating $20



CALLIE BURK-HARTZ | Margalo and others

KATE HOMAN | Mrs. Little and others

ANTONIO KING | Snowbell and others

LEX LUMPKIN | Stuart Little

TYLER OSTRANDER | Mr. Little and others



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