Little Shop of Horrors

Welcome to Skid Row and Mushnik’s Flower shop where a meek shop clerk named Seymour Krelborn is tired of life in the gutter and dreams of fame, fortune and love. His heart is set on a secret crush with a co-worker, Audrey, who is busy chasing her self-worth through the wrong men, especially a sadistic dentist. In his quest for something better, Seymour finds and cares for a strange plant that he names Audrey II. The mysterious plant has devious dreams of its own, and promises Seymour whatever his heart wants if he only ‘feeds the plant’.

Such is the world of Little Shop of Horrors. This hilarious, campy, dark comedy with a science fiction twist, directed by Maria Matters, is on stage this month at Footlite Musicals. Performances are January 13 – 29, 2017. For a full list of performance dates and times, visit their website.


Phil Criswell as Seymour, Emily Schaab as Audrey, Michael Davis as Mr. Mushnik, John Kern as Orin, Tristan Ross as Audrey II, and featuring Rayanna Bibbs, Rachel Bibbs, Iloni Cospy, Adrienne Dixon, and Akya Bryant.


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