SuperHero - Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre
Playing one weekend only – Easter Weekend 2016 – Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre stages the monumental events that marked one week ­­ – the last week ­­ of Jesus Christ’s life.

​SUPERHERO: the story of a man called Jesus​
Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre

The Tarkington
March 25-26, 2016 – 7pm

Returning for the third consecutive year – and, back by popular demand, this critically acclaimed, full­-length modern ballet brings to life the struggles of Jesus Christ and the women surrounding him, as well as his complicated relationship with Judas Iscariot.

With world­ class dancers, award­ winning choreography, vivid costuming, and contemporary music, artistic director Gregory Hancock skillfully draws audiences into the poignant emotion of Jesus’s story, while evoking the universality of Jesus’s message and teachings.

Considered one of GHDT’s signature works, ​SUPERHERO​ ​features talented guest artists James Gilmer as Jesus and Liang Fu as Judas Iscariot, as well as GHDT company dancers Sarah Sigman as Mother Mary and Hannah Brown as Mary Magdalene.

A particularly striking feature of the performance is the original set design utilizing texts from the Gospels written in Greek, Latin, Aramaic and English, reinforcing the feeling of a tale belonging in any time and any place.
This Easter offering is a  “whirl of energy . . . through color, light, movement, and sound” and is a timeless retelling of the story of a man who changed history and the world around him forever.

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