The Cherry Orchard

The Cherry Orchard - Ecclectic Pond Theatre CompanyAnton Chekhov’s last, and funniest, play focuses on a once wealthy and renowned family as they foolishly cling to the past and to their ailing country estate.

Set in 1905 Russia, the poor are starving and the newly minted middle class struggle to carve out their own lot – all while the students whisper about revolution.  Amidst he political and social unrest, there are some who just go on eating, drinking, and dancing.  This classic Chekhov’s comedy presents the decline of a once wealthy and renowned family trying to hang on to the position and privilege they once enjoyed.

The Cherry Orchard
Basile Opera Center

June 5 – 20

By Anton Chekhov
Adapted and directed by Michael Hosp

Run Dates:
June 12 and 13 @8pm and June 14 @7pm
June 19 and 20 @8pm

Performance Venue:

Basile Opera Center
4011 N Pennsylvania St
Indianapolis, IN 46205

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