Diavolo – Architecture in Motion

diavolo architecture in motion at The Tarkington TheatreThis troupe is internationally renowned for the unique way in which they reinvent dance, re-imagine theatre, and redefine thrills.  Diavolo – Architecture in Motion takes movement, athletics, and daring to the extreme by creating abstract narratives about the human experience while using surreal architectural set pieces.  Be prepared for a full-throttle evening of entertainment that combines the artistry and beauty of dance with the power and gravity-defying feats of world champion stunt performers, gymnasts, and martial artists.

Diavolo Architecture in Motion

At the Tarkington Theatre, The Center for the Performing Arts
Friday, January 16 & Saturday, January 17 @8pm

At the same time thrilling and playful, Diavolo creates a powerful and provocative production that is sure to amaze you.

“Diavolo is a fusion of many different movement vocabularies such as everyday movement, ballet, contemporary, acrobatics, gymnastics, martial arts, and hip-hop….What we do on stage is like a live abstract painting.  There is no narrative, but strong themes pervade the work such as human struggle, fear, danger, survival, chaos, order, deconstruction, reconstruction, destiny, destination, faith, and love.

I call myself more of an architect of motion than a choreographer.”

Jacques Heim, Artistic Director


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