Terra Cotta Warriors at the Children’s Museum

It is an army of thousands created to protect an emperor’s tomb and buried for centuries.  These intricate works of art are on display at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum in their only U.S. appearance in 2014.  These Terra Cotta Warriors help to tell the astounding story of the tomb complex of China’s first emperor and are considered by many to be the Eighth Wonder of the World. Experts believe there could be more than 8,000 warriors.

Terra Cotta Warriors closes November 2

On hand at the Children’s Museum are more than 100 ancient artifacts as well as hands-on interactives that will let families become part of the research team.

IN addition to your general admission ticket purchase, there is an additional ticket purchase required for this timed-entry exhibit.

  • Youth (2-17) $ 5.00
  • Adult (18-59) $10.00
  • Senior (60+)  $ 7.50
  • Member Youth: $2.00
  • Member Adult: $4.00


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